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We will regularly inform you about news and legislation concerning flying of unmanned aerial vehicles. Here you can learn interesting tips on how to start piloting Drone and how to commercially use drones

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New addition to our aircraft family - Inspire Pro 1.

To improve our services, we can now offer quality photographic images and videos made with a new machine. The DJI Inspire 1 Pro is designed for ...

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New smartphone app downloads for Android and iOS

Our new app ready for download is available for Android and iOS. The application can be downloaded free of charge at the App store or google play.

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We are one of few companies that have a permit for aerial work

Klapetech image Ltd. It is one of the few companies in the country with permission to operate unmanned aerial vehicles. It is also one of the few companies that meet the criteria of Annex II of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 216/2008

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Finally, we have our own aircraft matriculation OK-X011Z

Matriculation is registration plate issued and recorded by national aviation authority of the State. It is basicly the combination of letters, numbers and graphics, which determines the nationality and registration plate of aircraft. The registration plate must be visibly shown. Plate location, according to aircraft type, is governed by international regulations, established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

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Insurance certificate for aircraft insurance in accordance with the European Directive no. 785/2004

We have a safety certificate for UAV, insurance and liability insurance for damages caused by the operation of the aircraft. This insurance is in accordance with the Regulation of the European Directive no. 785/2004. The insured amount is set at 24 700 000, - CZK.

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Lifeguard drones patrol Spanish beaches. They reach drowning swimmers faster than humans.

On selected Spanish beaches unmanned aircraft, called drones assist in the pilot project with saving the lives of drowning swimmers. They wear cameras and lifebuoys and can get to the drowning up to three times faster than the lifeguards. It is estimated that around four hundred people drown in Spanish waters every year.

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New Web site KLAPETECH Image Ltd. is now online. The presentation will inform you about company’s news.

We have launched a web presentation that will inform you about news in our services. We can also send you an e-mail, regarding information about our services Furthermore; we present latest information in terms of legislation and issues associated with flying of unmanned vehicles.

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Technical information and useful links for flying aerial unmanned vehicles - drones. Extend your knowledge regarding legislation of flying the AUV..

We have prepared some interesting links to help you. We have prepared for you a few interesting links that will help those interested in flying (for pleasure and commercial) easily orientate. It concerns mainly references to the law in the Czech Republic on flying, aerial maps, restricted areas, airports, technology and insurance information.

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Caution - drone may cause serious injury

DJI Phantom. Caution – drone may cause serious injury - copter is not a toy. Is not just a phrase that you could be hurt during operation of the drone :) One of the people who already experienced that is Danilo Riso. More can be seen in the video we share here. He has been hit by the carbon fiber propellers in the face, after the drone fell and the result you can see for yourself.

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