Frequently asked questions

Based on the frequencies of asked questions we have created a list of answers that you should take into consideration if you are interested in our services.

Qustion: How much does it cost to take ten photographs with drone?

Answer: The price for the work does not reflect the amount of taken photos. A price is determined on number of hours spent on the contract and any additional post-production. We are able to take about 50 to 100 photos in one place per one hour of work.

Qustion: In which city do you operate?

Answer: We can get to you anywhere in the Czech Republic. We charge 6 CZK / per km for transportation.

Qustion: Why are some work locations more expensive than others?

Answer: In busy built-up areas where there is greater number of inhabitants it is necessary to ensure safety. For this reason, the work might require additional permits and even the possibility of traffic stopping, thus costing more money.

Qustion: Can you edit the captured images for immediate use?

Answer: Yes. Photos will be edited according to your requirements.

Qustion: Can you create a video off the captured material?

Answer: Yes. We can customize the captured video according to your requirements.

Qustion: What drone do you fly with?

Answer: We have certified machines with 4 or 6 arms and a load capacity of 1.5 kg.

Qustion: In what resolution and format do you take photos?

Answer: The photos are taken in 12.3 Mpix resolution (4032 x 3024 px) JPG and RAW.

Qustion: In what resolution and format you shoot the video?

Answer: VideaWe shoot videos at resolutions up to 4k.

Qustion: Why don't you fly in certain locations?

Answer: In some places in Czech Republic there are a no-fly or otherwise restricted or prohibited areas. Typical examples are the Prague Castle, airports or the embassy.

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