Aerial videos made by DRONes

Aerial video - the shots are sure to appeal to your customers and possibly also to your business partners. It doesn't end here. Quality video editing and further processing is an integral part of a quality result. Offering aerial video captured by unmanned aircraft vehicles. We're shooting from a few meters to hundreds of meters above the ground.

Our videos are made for:

Aerial videos
for real estate agencies

Increasing the possibility of selling the property to the customer. inspecting the property from above, including panoramas of the landscape.

pro realitní kanceláře
Aerial videos
for hotels and pensions

Capturing beautiful and original video footage for promotional and marketing purposes.

pro hotely a penziony
Aerial videos
for construction companies

Regular video documentation during the construction including detailed shots of building.

for construction companies
Aerial videos
for weddings, ceremonies and wedding studios

Shooting of memorial wedding videos to have original and stunning aerial imagery of your wedding. Interesting shots for wedding studios.

svatební studia
Aerial videos

Creating panoramic images in a given locality according to customer requirements. Panoramic shots are widely used in advertising and marketing.

Aerial videos
for towns and villages

Video footage of festivals, fairs, concerts, and various celebrations from bird's eye perspective will add special touch and a complete overview of the entire event.

města a obce
It doesn't end here. We offer several other uses of drones:
Aerial videos
Water resource management

Observation the state of water troughs, dams etc.

Aerial videos
Chimney, cranes, buildings revisions

We believe safety should come first. The drone is in no danger of injury due to the fall and is able to substitute the very dangerous work of people often hanging on a rope a few tens of meters above the ground. Less time-consuming, since the drone can move at any time in all directions, which in turn saves time for everyone.

Aerial videos
for cadastral authorities

Video footage for land mapping.

Aerial videos
for photographic studios

Television companies and movie studios. Fast acquisition of images from a bird's eye perspective adding special touch and a complete overview of the entire event.

Aerial videos
for social events

Footage of festivals, fairs, concerts, celebrations from a bird's eye perspective that can add special touch and a complete overview of the entire event.

Aerial videos
for sport events

Footage of different sport events captured from a bird's eye perspective deliver special touch and a complete overview of the entire event.

Aerial videos
for security agencies

Monitoring of social events, use for security and control facilities.

Aerial videos
for travel agencies

Footage captured from a bird's eye perspective deliver total destination overview.

Aerial videos
for police

Monitoring of events, demonstrations, border crossings and various other dangerous places. Assisting for the search of missing persons. Capturing videos from accidents sites.

Aerial videos
for Firefighters

Securing live images transferred from the camera, therefore being ready for immediate action and deployment / movement of necessary resources to those locations. Monitoring the place of fire with the help of infrared camera and tracking temperature range.

Aerial videos
for insurance companies

Video documentation of insurance claims. (Floods and other).

Aerial videos
for Conservationist

Mapping forests due to weather damage. Monitoring floodplains.

Creating air videos for roads and railways

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